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we are looking for QUYANA correspondents
alaska quyana channel (YOUTUBE)

about quyana channel

Youtube has become a bigger and bigger medium. Most children watch youtube rather than TV, even going so far as to say that becoming a “Youtuber” is their dream job.
As a parent, I sometimes worry about the content that my daughter watches, and I believe that the information that she consumes day to day will greatly influence her life. I also worry about the influence it has over everyone.
From here on out, mediums like Youtube are where our children are getting their hopes, dreams, and quyana from.
For these concerns, I have created the “Alaska QUYANA” Youtube Channel.
Please upload videos about what QUYANA means to your village.
They can be of trivial everyday things about living in the village, they could be heartwarming stories that give people courage, or stories to inspire people to live better lives.
I believe that the people who live in the great wilderness of Alaska posses the QUYANA spirit, and are connected with nature.
We would like to use these “QUYANA videos” to teach children around the world how to live better lives, Hopefully we can continue strengthening our bonds.

Requirements for the creators of the videos

*Age, gender, address, and career do no matter.
*The creators of the chosen videos will be paid and credited for their work. (check homepage for details)
*The videos will be selected by ALASKA Association and the administration department of  the alaskan quyana channel.
*The videos should be submitted to the cloud via SNS. (Destination is to be determined).

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